Understanding Children Who Have Obesity and Risk

Understanding Children Who Have Obesity and Risk
Funny! Yes, that's the first word in your head when you see the kids are plump and have chubby cheeks. However, be careful. Body that is bland and fertile, could be an indication of childhood obesity.
Seeing the adorable, stocky kids make adults feel like kissing and pinching them, right? Usually, parents often assume that a fertile child is a healthy child, because they like to eat. However, you should not be happy. Children with overweight bodies may be obese, and some dangerous diseases such as high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease are ready to lurk your child anytime.
Excess Fat Can Cause Obesity In Children
Body fat has an important role, such as to store energy, regulate body temperature, withstand shocks, and various other functions. However, the excess amount of fat in your child's body can lead to obesity.
Many people think that obesity with overweight has the same meaning. In fact, both have different meanings. Obesity is a chronic condition associated with an excess amount of fat in the body. While overweight has a meaning that is the condition where a person's body weight exceeds the limit of normal weight. The weight can come from muscle, bone, fat, and water in a person's body.
Childhood obesity is caused by various reasons, such as due to an energy imbalance between the calories that come with the issued. It starts from eating unhealthy foods, and lack of physical activity in children. In addition, genetic factors, hormones, stress, the presence of problems in the family, as well as boredom that hit, can make children tend to overeat.
Obesity In Children Can Endanger Their Health
Obesity that occurs in children is obviously very dangerous. Because the excess fat that is on the child's body can invite various diseases that interfere with his health.
Excess amount of fat is not only an impact on the physical health of your baby alone, but also psychic. This situation can make it less confident because it has a different body size, tend to experience depression, have anxiety levels higher than other children, and make it as a victim of bullying or mockery material by his friends, even depression can occur. And usually, obese children will still experience it as adults, especially if one of their parents is also obese.
However, not all children who look fat and big body must be obese. Because the stage of development of each child is different, and you can not expect your child to be obese just from looking at her body. To find out if your child is obese or not, consult a doctor immediately. Your doctor will calculate the body mass index (BMI) of your baby, which is the calculation of height and weight of the child.
If a child's BMI is between 85 and 94 percent, then the child is overweight or overweight. Whereas if the IMT 95 percent or more, then the child is obese. However, your doctor is not only fixated on the number of IMT alone, the doctor will pay attention to how the child's eating habits, health, activities, and family health history, especially obesity history.
To keep the child protected from obesity, apply some of these ways. Among other things by choosing vegetables and fruits when shopping for food, limit fast food and sweet drinks, and serve foods according to the right portion (so your baby is not excessive when eating). In addition, you can invite your baby to do physical activities together with you.
If you have a fat child, it would not hurt to check with your doctor. Consult immediately to doctors and obese children can get the right handling and lifestyle changes.

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