Drugs Are Not a Solution

Drug abuse is increasingly prevalent in many countries around the world.Many users of these drugs are initially tempted to feel the pleasure of a moment or as an escape from the problems encountered. Know that the effects of drugs can damage your health physically and psychologically.
Health problems
 Like two sides of the coin, drugs can be beneficial and harmful to the body at the same time. If the drug is used in accordance with the instructions and under the supervision of a doctor, then the results can heal. Conversely, illegal drugs will be harmful if consumed without doctor supervision and based on improper objectives.Drugs can disrupt the condition of the body and brain. Even drugs can affect a person's ability to lead a healthy life and make the right decisions. The influence of these drugs can take place in the long run.For example, the misuse of methamphetamine or better known as shabu-shabu, opium, and cocaine, can cause various adverse effects, including psychotic behavior, convulsions, and even death from overdose.Meanwhile, the short-term effects of ecstasy can lead to dehydration, electrolyte imbalances that cause users to experience convulsions, panic attacks, hallucinations, chest pain and aggressive behavior. If used in the long term can damage the brain.Groups of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid and rohypnol acid can cause sedative effects, confusion, memory loss, behavioral changes, impaired body coordination and decreased levels of consciousness. At high doses, these drugs can cause seizures, coma, and death.The use of marijuana or cannabis can cause side effects of hallucinations, vomiting, increased blood pressure and pulse rate, anxiety disorders, confusion and paranoia. Long-term effects of marijuana are mental disorders such as depression, schizophrenia and anxiety disorders.Repeated drug consumption in the long run will trigger changes in nerve cells in the brain, which then interfere with the communication between nerve cells. Even after consumption is stopped, the effect will take some time to disappear.
Impaired Quality of Life
When a person starts taking drugs, there is a high probability of becoming addicted. Longer, users will need a higher dose in order to feel the same effect. When the effects of drugs begin to disappear, the user will feel uncomfortable due to the emergence of withdrawal symptoms and will want to re-wear them.Drugs dissolved in the body will be channeled through the blood throughout the body, including the brain. The effects of medicines depend on the type consumed, the dosage, the duration of use, and the size of the body of the person taking them.In addition to affect the body, drug dependence can also cause things that interfere with the quality of life. For example, vulnerable to trouble in the office, school or family, financial difficulties, to deal with the police for violating the law.An addict is also more susceptible to sexually transmitted infections, accidents, and attempts to commit suicide due to under the influence of drugs.
Shoot All Over
Drug addiction can be experienced by anyone, regardless of age, gender, or economic status. But there are some more risky characteristics. For example, someone who has a family history of addicts, has a mental health disorder, such as depression or stress after experiencing an unresolved traumatic event. In addition, the lack of harmony in family relationships can also be a triggering factor.Teenagers can be prone to the temptation to try drugs. Some of them are consumed by the notion that taking drugs can make them more popular, able to think better, move more actively, or have stronger stamina. But this is wrong considering the potential addiction and side effects of drugs.Some others think drugs can be an escape from the problems faced. But actually, drugs not only do not solve the problem but add. When the effect of the drug is gone, whatever the perceived problems and feelings will persist. Drugs can actually damage the condition of the body and various aspects of a person's life.
Stop Immediately!
The use of illegal drugs should be stopped immediately. The faster the users get help, the faster the recovery process. Consult a doctor who handles drug addiction cases or immediately do drug rehabilitation. Find emergency help if you or someone you know is taking any illegal drugs experience the following.
  • Decreased level of consciousness.
  • Hard to breathe.
  • Seizures.
  • Feel pressure or pain in the chest.
  • Possible overdose.
  • Other physical or psychological disturbances after drug use.
Drugs are not the answer to the problems in life. Drugs can actually damage the user's body and its relationship with people around. Be aware of yourself and your family because most cases of drug addiction are caused by trial and error.

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