Brain Cancer In Children

Problems often associated with malignant brain tumors in children are often not realized by the parents.  
Symptoms of Brain Cancer
The basic principle of the formation of a tumor, wherever it lies, is the failure to regulate the growth and growth balance of a cell. These arrangements are genetically regulated by our bodies. Therefore, all the causes of the genetic defect have the potential to cause a cancer. In childhood brain cancer, certain physical and chemical connection relationships are proven to cause cancer. These substances may be obtained during pregnancy, the substance the mother consumes during the feeding period, or consumed directly by the child. 
A history of miscarriage experienced by the mother for more than two times at gestational age over 20 weeks becomes a significant risk factor triggering brain cancer in the child. The finding that now has the strongest link is the exposure of pesticides and ingredients that contain N-nitro (eg, preserved meat) constantly. The problem is, often the symptoms of a child's brain disorder can not be detected early and are considered normal symptoms. For example, if the child often has morning headaches accompanied by vomiting, we think of it as a symptom of cold or fever. There is also a case of a 9-year-old girl, who is experiencing a deterioration in her grades, because of frequent headaches. Teachers and parents consider the child to experience learning disabilities and school anxiety, then add additional lessons to help the child's learning process. After a year passed, then found that there is a malignant tumor in the child's brain, and was already in the final stadium. Other symptoms such as if the child is often nauseated, there are sensory disturbances, balance disorders while walking with eyes open, easy drowsiness, seizures, and size of the enlarged head, especially in infants has become an early sign that directs the possibility of brain cancer in children. These "pressure" symptoms can cause pain, dizziness, loss of consciousness (drowsiness to coma), visual impairment (double vision, abnormal movement of the eyeball), and hearing (ringing, deafness), and irregular breathing and heart rate. As with functional problems, the ability to remember, learn, think, manage behavior and emotions, developmental disorders, hallucinations, to become like "possessed" become additional signs of a process of abnormalities in the child's brain. Diagnostic challenges and the need for sensitivity of parents to be very high when the problem, though rare, occurs in an adult child. Behavioral changes that occur in them are more associated with normal things in childhood baliq. Due to the wide and non-specific range of symptoms, late diagnosis is not uncommon. Instructions to increase the likelihood of detection of cancer through symptoms require information about the duration of complaints long enough and what happens about the complaint. Fever accompanying complaints are more associated with infection, although certain cancer stages can cause it as well. If the child appears pale and uninspired, as a parent, need to approach and communicate so that the child can express what he felt. 
Do not underestimate the headaches and nausea in the child, because the risk of brain cancer can happen to anyone. In general, your doctor may ask your child to check your child's head condition with radiological modalities if the doctor finds signs of increased pressure in the brain, such as headaches accompanied by vomiting, decreased consciousness, and weakening of the pulse or breathing.

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